Moment Woman Tells Hispanic Cop You Will Never Be White

This is the moment a woman tells a Hispanic cop “you’ll never be white, which is what you really want to be” during a routine traffic stop.

The racist tirade was filmed during a traffic stop in the city of San Dimas in Los Angeles County in the US state of California at the end of April and the footage was shared on social media on 8th May.

The incident happened when an officer spotted the driver using a mobile phone in her white Mercedes-Benz and pulled her over.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department/Newsflash

In the video, the woman, who appears to be a person of colour, tells the officer: “You’re always going to be a Mexican. You’ll never be white, you know that right?”

She adds: “You’ll never be white, which is what you really want to be.”

The footage also shows the woman calling the cop a “murderer” and even accuses him of trying to murder her.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department/Newsflash

She says to the calm cop: “You’re threatening to kill me and my son.”

Police spokesperson Alex Villanueva said: “This Deputy exemplifies the core values of our Department, his demeanour during this traffic stop is just an example of professionalism and patience our @LASDHQ Deputies have.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said on social media: “Although the person in the video identified themselves as a teacher, it should be noted they have not been employed with the Los Angeles Community College District since 2017. Additionally, there are numerous names wrongfully being associated with the individual’s identity. We caution others about the dangers associated with these false accusations.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department/Newsflash

“An investigation was completed wherein the complainant was interviewed, and a thorough review of the incident, including body-worn camera footage, was reviewed. After the investigation, it was determined the traffic stop was conducted within department policy and procedures.”

It is unclear if the woman faces any charges.

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