UK Teen Who Stabbed Ex-Girlfriends Dad 14 Times To Death In His Own Back Garden Found Guilty Of Murder

A teenager who stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s dad 14 times to death in his own back garden after sending her 300 text messages the day before because he wanted to get back together with her has been found guilty of murder.

Levi Westhead, 18, of Flakefleet Avenue in the coastal town of Fleetwood in Lancashire in North West England was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend’s father by Preston Crown Court on Friday, 28th January.

Chilling footage shows the moment Westhead fled the scene shortly after the fatal stabbing. Other footage shows him being arrested by police officers, who inform him that he is being charged with murder.

Levi Westhead, 18 was found guilty of the murder of his ex-girlfriends father the 50-year-old Mark Webster in Blackpool in England on the 23rd of July 2021. (Lancashire Police/Newsflash)

Lancashire Police said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Police were called at around 8.55pm on Friday July 23 2021 to a report of a stabbing at an address on Carsluith Avenue, in Blackpool.

“Officers attended the Webster family home and found Mark Webster, 50 (pictured left) with a total of 12 knife wounds. He was taken to hospital, but sadly died a short time later.

“A Home Office post mortem examination gave a cause of death as stab wounds to the chest.

Mark Webster, 50 was stabbed with a total of 12 knife wounds by the suspect Levi Westhead, 18, he was taken to hospital but sadly died a short time later in Blackpool in England on the 23rd of July 2021. (Lancashire Police/Newsflash)

“Following a search of the area, Westhead was arrested a short time later, hiding in a neighbouring garden. He was subsequently charged with murder and remanded in custody.”

The police explained that during the fortnight-long trial, the jury heard how Westhead had been in a relationship with the victim’s unnamed 16-year-old daughter for 18 months, which ended a few weeks before the murder.

The police said that they had warned Westhead after he allegedly harassed his ex-girlfriend. They said that he had been “found to have been using a variety of social media platforms and even set up false accounts in his attempts to contact her”.

A kitchen knife, confirmed as the murder weapon, was found at the scene in Blackpool in England. (@LancsPolice/Newsflash)

The police said that CCTV footage shown during the trial showed the defendant waiting outside his ex-girlfriend’s workplace after allegedly sending her nearly 300 text messages the day before the murder.

During the trial, the jury heard that Westhead went to his ex-girlfriend’s family home later that day, in the evening, armed with a knife. He demanded to see his ex-girlfriend, but her father refused to let him inside the house.

Levi Westhead then “made his way around the back of the house and gained access to the back garden”.

Evidence also included how Levi had made a call to his grandmother, after fleeing the scene, in which he said: Im sorry, Im sorry, Ive hurt somebody with a knife, I was so angry. in Blackpool in England. (@LancsPolice/Newsflash)

“A scuffle” ensued, during which Mark Webster was repeatedly stabbed. The defendant then fled the scene.

The victim was taken to hospital, but he passed away due to his injuries despite the best efforts of doctors. The police said that the murder weapon was found at the scene of the crime.

Evidence shown to the court also included how Westhead had sent text messages and made a call to his grandmother after fleeing the scene of the crime, in which he is reported to have said: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ve hurt somebody with a knife, I was so angry.”

Levi Westhead, 18 being arrested for murdering his ex-girlfriends father the 50-year-old Mark Webster in Blackpool in England on the 23rd of July 2021. (@lancspolice/Newsflash)

The jury found Westhead guilty of murder after two hours of deliberation, according to the police. The defendant will be sentenced on 17th March.

Detective Chief Inspector Jane Webb from Lancashire Police said: “This is an utterly tragic case where a much-loved husband and father was merely protecting his family when he was stabbed to death.

“Sadly, this verdict provides no relief from the dreadful loss that Mr Webster’s family and friends have suffered. They have remained incredibly dignified throughout this investigation and my thoughts remain with them at this desperately difficult time.”

Levi Westhead, 18 was caught on CCTV running away from the property in the moments after he fatally stabbed Mark Webster in Blackpool in England on the 23rd of July 2021. (@LancsPolice/Newsflash)

In a statement, the victim’s family said: “Despite the conviction it will not bring back Web or ease the pain of him not being with us. It does however give us some peace of mind knowing that Levi Westhead is where he belongs for the term of his sentence. His death was so unnecessary. We would like to thank the police, the prosecution team and the jury for bringing us this justice.”

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