Newborn Baby Dumped In Rucksack Being Attacked By Insects Saved After Passers-By Hear His Cries

This is the moment passersby find an abandoned newborn baby inside a rucksack left in a thicket that was already being attacked by insects.

Passersby filmed the moment they found the infant, whose umbilical cord was still attached, inside a rucksack that had been dumped in a thicket in the Brazilian municipality of Mongagua.

The local residents, who were passing through the area, found the rucksack containing the newborn after hearing his cries emanating from the thicket on the night of 6th May.


One of the men can be heard asking “Is it a child or a dog?” as the rucksack is opened and another bag is found inside containing the crying infant, who is wrapped up in an item of clothing.

The passersby called the police, who arrived on the scene and took the newborn baby boy to a local maternity hospital.

He was found to be suffering from hypothermia and also had some injuries, likely caused by insects, and he received first aid.


He was subsequently transferred to another hospital, and, at the time of reporting, was still being kept there, but was reported to be doing well.

The police have since opened a criminal case and are currently trying to identify the infant boy’s mother, who faces possible charges of child abandonment.

Investigators hope the item of clothing found will help to identify her, and they have asked anyone who has any information on her possible identity or whereabouts to get in touch.


If found and convicted, she could face six months to three years in prison.

At the time of reporting, no discharge date had yet been set for the baby boy, who is expected to be taken into care.

The investigation continues.

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