OFF THE RAILS: Mum And Young Daughter Sent Flying After Funfair Ride Car Comes Off Tracks

This footage shows a mum and her young daughter being sent flying after the car on the funfair ride they were in came off the rails.

The video of the incident shows a small, apparently safe rollercoaster ride for children going around at moderate speed but the car carrying the mum and her child suddenly comes off the rails as people watching gasp.

The pair are sent flying and hit the ground hard. The mum, despite apparently hitting her head on the ground when she fell, can be seen getting to her feet almost immediately and picking her child up as the footage ends.

Mother and daughter fall from a seat in amusement facility in Chuzhou, China, in undated footage. The organizer of the event reportedly said that the two were slightly injured and have been sent to the hospital for treatment. (changzu888/AsiaWire)

The mother and her daughter, who have not been named, were taken to a nearby hospital in the city of Chuzhou, in eastern China’s Anhui province, on Friday, 12th August.

They reportedly suffered light injuries, with the organiser of the event telling local media that the ride had been shut down after the incident.

It is currently unclear if the incident is being investigated.

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