Paralysed Young Womans Therapy Paid For After Her Teen Brother Offers To Sell His Kidney

This 21-year old woman left paralysed after the family car was hit by a bus, and with no money to pay for rehabilitation, has been flooded with cash donations after her teenage brother tried to sell a kidney to raise money to pay her medical bills.

When people heard what 18-year-old Guillermo Zensich was trying to do for his beloved sister Nayla, the donations started pouring in, and now they have met their targets so that the rehabilitation can begin.

The young woman was in the car with her parents when the accident happened and they were hit by a bus in the town of Canning located in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province on 25th February.


Nayla, her brother Guillermo, 18, and her two parents, who were not named, were driving over a crossing that had no traffic lights when the bus slammed into the side of their car.

Nayla told local news outlet Infobae: ” I got into the car,put on my seatbelt and fell asleep.”

She went on: “I was woken up feeling like I had been hit by a train. I opened my eyes and all I could hear was a high pitch whistling sound.”


She said she did not lose consciousness at any point and she saw both her parent crack their heads against the interior of the car.

Nayla says her dad asked her “are you okay?” to which she responded “no” after realising that despite trying to move her limbs they were not responding.

After what she described as the longest 15 minutes of her life the emergency services arrived and lifted Nayla onto a stretcher.


Upon arrival at the local Pinero Hospital, she recalls that doctors came to examine her and soon she realised she had lost all feeling from her torso down to her toes and could not move any of her limbs.

The doctors found that she had ruptured a vertebra and suffered a severe spinal cord injury leaving her quadriplegic.

She recalls: “During the first few days I lay in intensive care unable to move, I thought that I would never move again”.


However, after a successful operation, the doctors said that thanks to her young age there was some hope that she would recover.

The doctors believed that her only hope however is a rehabilitation therapy offered by the private health care provider FLENI.

Her parents were informed that the public health insurance would not cover the ARS 3,200,000 (GBP 25,152) bill.


Nayla’s brother Guillermo decided to take to social media offering to sell his kidney in return for USD 25,000 (GBP 18,190).

In the post, he also included a bank account number that allowed Netizens to make smaller donations.

But the entire family were amazed when money started flooding in particular after the Argentine influencer known as ‘Cusco’ who has one million followers on Twitter urged his fans to donate whatever they could afford.


Guillermo told Infobae that within just a few hours they had raised ARS 2,500,000 (GBP 19,650) and on 22nd March Nayla was transferred to the FLENI facility to start rehabilitation.

Nayla has been slowly making progress thanks to the programme, she said that when she arrived, she couldn’t brush her own teeth but now thanks to the treatment and a special device she can.

She has also been able to move her toes and fingers although she says that unfortunately, she is not yet able to type on her phone.


She concluded the interview by saying: “Although I do still get down sometimes, I always remind myself that I have to do this not only for myself but for my family and for all the people who don’t even know me that donated money to help me.”

Nayla’s rehabilitation programme is going to continue until the end of June, but doctors have not confirmed if she will regain the ability to walk and move her arms as she could before the accident.

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