Pervert Amazon Driver Donned Blonde Wig To Secretly Film Girls Using Womens Toilets Near Company Warehouse

An Amazon delivery driver has been arrested for dressing as a woman so he could secretly film girls as young as eight using the toilet across the street from the billion-dollar company’s warehouse.

The Wrentham Police Department (WPD) in Norfolk County in the north-eastern US state of Massachusetts said that Jacob M. Guerrero, 23, was first “arrested as he left the Amazon parking lot” in Wrentham after they received reports of a strange man wearing a blonde wig.

The alleged wig wearer was also apparently in possession of a pen camera fastened to his shoes.

Photo allegedly showing Jacob M. Guerrero dressed as woman with a wig on the head, in Wrentham Outlet bathroom. (Wrentham Police Department/Newsflash)

Guerrero, who the police said is from the state of Rhode Island and worked as an Amazon delivery man, was arrested by the WPD, who shared two photographs of him, the first one showing his face and the second one apparently showing him disguised as a woman.

The police statement, released yesterday (19th October), said: “Following a lengthy investigation, Jacob M. Guerrero, age 23, of 67 Summer Street, Woonsocket, RI, was arrested on a warrant last night in Wrentham as he left the Amazon parking lot located opposite the Wrentham Outlets.

“Mr Guerrero, a delivery driver for Amazon, was transported to the Wrentham Police Department where he was booked and held without bail until his arraignment this morning at Wrentham District Court.”

They said that they had first arrested the suspect on 24th August after “Wrentham Police received a call from customers at the Wrentham Outlets reporting a person who appeared to be a man dressed as a woman acting suspiciously in the public ladies bathroom”.

The police said that the suspect, “wearing a blonde wig”, had allegedly entered the women’s toilets and “occupied stalls next to adjoining stalls that women and younger girls, estimated to be 12-15 years old, were using”.

By the time the police arrived, they said the suspect had left the vicinity. But the cops had a lead: “The initial investigation revealed the suspect appeared to have a pen camera fastened to his sneaker.

“Pen cameras are easily concealed surveillance cameras that have the ability to record video and photos on Micro SD cards contained within the pen. The photos or video captured can then be transferred to any device, including cell phones and computers.

The Massachusetts man Jacob M. Guerrero who is facing child pornography charges. (Wrentham Police Department/Newsflash)

“Upon reviewing surveillance camera footage, we were able to locate the suspect and his vehicle, leading to the identification of Mr Guerrero.

“We subsequently obtained an arrest warrant for Mr Guerrero and executed that warrant on September 2, 2021 during a motor vehicle stop on High Street in Wrentham.”

They said that the suspect was immediately charged with “Photographing an Unsuspecting Nude Person”, adding that he was “released on bail later the same day”.

The police statement said they continued their investigation into the suspect which included obtaining a “search warrant for his personal vehicle and cell phone that uncovered sufficient evidence to secure a second arrest warrant for 12 counts of Possession of Child Pornography”.

The police said that “the evidence obtained from the search warrant includes twelve videos where the unsuspecting victims were either nude or partially nude”.

They also said: “Five of the twelve victims were under the age of 18. Of the victims under 18 years old, several are estimated to be between 8 and 11 years old. In at least one case, the evidence suggests the suspect secretly recorded a young girl through her bedroom window as she undressed.

“Mr Guerrero is being arraigned this morning at Wrentham District Court.

“This investigation is active and ongoing, including several law enforcement agencies in more than one state. We will provide additional information at the appropriate time.”

A ban on the practice known as ‘upskirting’, which often involves secretly filming beneath a woman’s skirt, was signed into law in Massachusetts in 2014.

It is classified as a misdemeanour and carries a maximum penalty of two and a half years in prison and a USD-5,000 fine.

If the victim is a minor, this increases to up to five years in prison and a USD-10,000 fine.

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