Police Arrested Drunk Woman Who Drove Recklessly With A Five Year Old In The Vehicle

Vaughan, Canada, 24th June

An officer on duty arrested a drunk driver who was driving with a child in the vehicle. The arrest took place in Vaughan, Canada, on the 24th of June 2021. The officer noticed a car driving erratically that failed to stop at a stop sign, which led him to think the driver was intoxicated. After missing another stop sign, the car was halted at Clarence Street and Wycliffe Avenue, and the police officer swiftly established grounds for the driver’s arrest. The driver continuously showed various applications on their phone instead of giving the officer a driver’s license. Fortunately, the officer was able to halt the car before anybody was injured, including the two passengers, one of which was a five-year-old girl. The motorist, a 33-year-old Toronto woman, was charged with the impaired operation, speeding, and driving while suspended, among other charges.

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