RAM OF PLOD: Suspect Shot After Ramming Cop Car At Police HQ

This is the moment when a woman is shot by cops and later jailed after she used her SUV to ram an officer’s vehicle at a police headquarters.

The woman – identified as Taneysha Shari Carter, 39 – had been tailing a local police officer in Mesa, Arizona, USA.

The cop – identity not disclosed – had noticed he was being followed by the white SUV when he was sent on a callout at around 9pm on 7th July.

Upon returning to the police headquarters car park, the 39-year-old suspect rammed the back of his police car as he waited for the security gate to open.

After thrusting the police car forwards for several feet, the officer jumped out, rolled on the ground and fired at Carter, while his vehicle hit a kerb.

The officer then hid behind a forensics van, while others at the scene ran for cover behind pillars and inside the police headquarters building.

The officer fired several shots as Carter got out of the SUV and ran towards the facility.

She then dropped to the ground and began rolling towards the security gate, where she was stopped by backup officers, who treated her injuries until paramedics arrived and took her to hospital.

Carter received treatment for a single gunshot wound and was later discharged.

She was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a police officer and first-degree criminal trespass in the early morning of 8th July.

The officer suffered minor scrapes and cuts on his elbows, hands and knees but was not seriously injured. It was his first shooting after starting work at the Mesa Police Department last year.

After the video footage was released, Detective Richard Encenis – Public Information Officer for the Mesa Police Department – said: “This critical incident community briefing will provide you within formation about an office involved shooting you are about to see see relevant video footage and learn about evidence and police procedures related to this case so you can better understand what happened.

“In this video, we will be sharing our officers body worn camera video as well as 911 calls and any other surveillance video obtained as part of this investigation.”

During questioning, Carter told investigators she feared for her life, bizarrely claiming that law enforcement, the military and “the Illuminati” were trying to kill her.

She is reported to have prior convictions for drug offences and shoplifting and was previously detained by the Mesa Police Department in 2020.

The police gave no information regarding a possible trial date.

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