Drunk Fat Golfers Brawl On 18th Hole During Fundraising Event

This is the moment two chubby, boozed golfers brawl on the final hole during a fundraising round of golf for a local school as one throws a flurry of punches and the other grabs a flag from the green to belt his rival with.

The furious golf course manager confirmed that the brawlers were drunk, saying after the incident: “From the video you can see that both were incredibly wobbly on their feet.”

The incident was filmed at the final hole of the Maccauvlei Golf Club in the city of Vereeniging in the South African province of Gauteng on the afternoon of 9th April.

The event included a friendly round of golf to help raise money for the local school Laerskool Vryheidsmonument, however participants ended up attacking each other with flags and clubs.

According to Times Live, the brawl started on the final hole when one golfer accused another of stealing his mobile phone.

However, the golf club’s general manager Deon Kruger said the golfer found the man’s phone in the rough on the 17th hole when he heard it ringing and picked it up.

Kruger added: “A player on the 18th hole had lost his phone and when he called it, a golfer on the 17th hole answered it.

“There was a heated exchange of words and a rumpus when the players approached each other.

“This whole thing comes down too much alcohol and the players, who until then had been well behaved, drinking on the course.”

Kruger said: “From the video you can see that both were incredibly wobbly on their feet.”

The manager added that drinking alcohol on the course is not allowed, but some players take it with them and keep it hidden.

Kruger added that both golfers left after the brawl and that they had written to the school to express their disapproval of the incident.

He explained: “This was organised by the school. None of those who were involved in the altercation are our members.”

Apparently upset by the incident, Kruger said: “Never in the 15 years that I have been here have I seen anything so barbaric taking place on the golf course.

“Our club definitely does not condone such behaviour.”

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