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Residents Stare In Wonder As Dog Is Throttled By Trapped Lead In Lift Door

This is the moment three people in an elevator stare in amazement as a dog with its lead trapped in the door is suddenly hoisted into the air and slowly strangled in front of them.

Instead of rushing over to help rescue the dog, they simply look at it for 30 seconds with one of the men poking it with a brolly, before the other man then comes in and they unclip the lead, allowing the dog to drop to the floor.

The bizarre incident took place at an elevator in a community in Jiang’an County in the prefecture-level city of Yibin of China’s Sichuan Province when the dog, that appeared to be without its owner, wandered into the lift, apparently hoping to get down to street level and go for a walk.

Dog hangs in the air when a leash gets caught in elevator door in Yibin, China, on 16th July 2021. (AsiaWire)

But the dog, which then stops once it’s inside the elevator, still has its lead outside, and although the people in the lift can see the doors closing on it, they do not lean down to pull it inside.

As a result, the doors close, and when the lift starts to move down, the poor dog is hoisted into the air, frantically kicking as it is strangled by its collar.

Fortunately for the dog, which could have been strangled or even decapitated, the lift stops after going down one floor, and after looking at it struggling for 30 seconds and poking it with the brolly, one of the men goes over and unfastens the lead from the collar so the dog can drop to the floor.

Dog enters the elevator second before its leash gets caught in door in Yibin, China, on 16th July 2021. (AsiaWire)

It appears the dog was unharmed by the ordeal although though local media reported that the elevator was damaged by the lead and needed to be repaired.

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