Romantic Beach Proposal Spoiled By Clumsy Sister Repeatedly Falling Over

This is the funny moment a romantic beachfront marriage proposal is ruined by the engaged woman’s sister repeatedly falling over in the sand.

During her third and final tumble, the sister even ended up face-planting the sand.

The proposal took place on a beach in South Africa and was shared on social media by clumsy sibling Celine Edwards.


Celine, who works as a chef, told Newsflash that her sister was getting engaged to her long-term boyfriend when she fell over a rock on the beach three times.

She said: “My sister is the one who was getting engaged, I just wanted to make a video because I did not know they already had someone ready to film it.

“So what happened was, I took out my phone and did not see the rock. I then fell over that rock three times!”


She added: “I laughed about it, and I’m really happy for my sister. I can’t wait for the wedding.

In the funny footage, the happy couple is seen walking onto the golden beach with Celine.

Just as the man gets out a ring box and Celine tries to film the romantic scene, she falls over a rock.


She then stumbles on the rock again as the excited woman realises what’s coming and the happy couple embraces.

However, just as the man drops to one knee, Celine trips on the rock again and falls forwards, face-planting the sand.

Perhaps rather wisely, she then opted to remain on the ground to film the rest of the proposal.


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