ROYAL BABIES: Cute Rare Breed Baby Sheep Welcomed At Farm In Grounds Of Austrian Imperial Palace

This is the moment endangered livestock breeds curiously explore their new environment at a model farm located as a special attraction in the world’s oldest zoo in the Austrian capital Vienna.

The images have been shared by the Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo staff that were taken at the farm located on the grounds of the former Imperial Palace, in the Austrian capital Vienna, on 24th March.

In the video, the sheep can be seen happily exploring their new surroundings.

A Tauernscheck goat kid at the Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo located in Austria’s capital Vienna. (Daniel Zupanc/Clipzilla)

The zoo revealed that their new arrivals are nine small Tauernschecken goats, two Tyrolean stone sheep and a small Carinthian spectacled sheep.

Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck said in a statement: “It is important to us to keep these old Austrian livestock breeds with us and to make our visitors aware of their endangered status

“With targeted maintenance breeding, we want to secure the gene pool and thus the continued existence of these domestic animal breeds, which have now become rare.”

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