SLOW MOW: One Horse Power Lawn Mower Is Just The Jobby

This simple lawnmower may only have one horse power but it does have the advantage of a free delivery fertiliser thrown in.

The footage showing a horse pulling three mechanical lawnmowers was filmed at the Norderns Ark Zoo located on the west coast of Sweden, a short drive north of Goteborg and just minutes from the famous summer town of Smogen.

It opened to the public in 1989 and has been showcasing and preserving local breeds ever since.

Horse helping to mow the lawn at Nordens Ark Zoo in Bohuslän, Sweden. (@NordensArk/Clipzilla)

Spokeswoman Jenny Magnusson told Clipzilla: “You’ll find 65 endangered species at Nordens Ark, both domestic and wild breeds.

“Most of them you can see as a visitor, but some are kept in a closed breeding facility not opened to the public so that they are not disturbed.”

The horses are those which can be viewed and Anna Einemo is the one who is mostly working with the domestic horse breeds.

As well as mowing the grass, horses can also double up to move logs, anyway bushes and small trees and other tasks.

Jenny said it was important to keep the grass short but also was interested visitors,.

She said: “These tasks are meaningful, but at the same time we have the opportunity to show our visitors a traditional way of working in parks, forests and so on. And the visitors love it.”

She added: “For thousands of years, livestock have grazed the landscape and helped to shape it.

Horse helping to mow the lawn at Nordens Ark Zoo in Bohuslän, Sweden. (@NordensArk/Clipzilla)

“Gradually, they were subjected to various changes. Healthy and strong animals were selected for breeding, and harsh living conditions weeded out weaker individuals.

“Some animals were cross-bred with foreign breeds, but the changes came about so slowly that the native breeds preserved their local characteristics.

“Various organisations are working to preserve our native Swedish breeds. They are responsible, among other things, for a gene bank register which ensures that the breeds are not threatened by inbreeding.

“Nordens Ark’s role besides breeding and conservation work, it’s important to inform people about the Swedish native breeds and the threats they face.

“The animals on the farm help to keep the landscape on Åby manor open. Each spring we release cows, sheep, goats and horses into the Ecopark to graze.”

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