SNOUT RESCUE: Fireman Rescues Baby Fox By Performing Mouth To Snout

This is the amazing moment a fireman saves the life of a young fox caught in a house blaze by giving it snout-to-mouth resuscitation.

Dramatic footage of the incident was shared by Levittown Fire Company No. 2 in Levittown in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, following the blaze at Appletree drive.

The helmet camera images show the firemen going into the smoke-filled interior of the building, to find the baby fox trapped inside the home inside a cage and apparently unconscious and feared dead.

They take the animal out and place it on the side of a fire engine and one of the firemen can then be seen performing life-saving techniques.

In a social media post, the fire service said: “While performing a search crews found a baby fox inside the home and were able to perform mouth to snout and revive the fox.”

The fire service was praised by online users such as Angel Candi Rodriguez who said: “This was so wonderful… Thank you for sharing.”

It was the second rescue of a baby fox within 24 hours, after firefighters with the San Francisco Fire Department worked with members of San Francisco Animal Care & Control to save another fox even though this one was trapped on a construction site.

The rescue was carried out at the Mission Rock construction site, which is working to reshape 20 acres of former parking along the San Francisco waterfront in Mission Bay.

The fox somehow got onto the site and got itself stuck in a hole near Oracle Park on Saturday.

However, it was rescued and will apparently recover without any injuries, according to rescuers.

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