SPRING IN THE AIR: Little Roe Buck Gambles In Swiss Pasture

This is the delightful moment that spring is in the air for a little Roe Buck spotted in the meadow near a Swiss forest.

The video was shot by teenage photographer Levi Fitze, who is from the eastern part of Switzerland close to Saint Gallen.

Speaking to Clizilla about the moment he captured the snap, he said that he had seen the little Roebuck many times on the small meadow which is close to the forest where he lives.

Roebuck enjoying spring on 29th May 2021 in Switzerland. (@levifitze/Newsflash)

He added: “During spring I often went to this place at the evenings after work. And this evening I was able to film this kind of behavior from the Roe Buck that I’ve never seen before.”

Levi who is doing an apprenticeship as a photographer is a keen wildlife photographer in his free time.

He edited images using light room but doesn’t make many changes, saying that he prefers to show nature as it is “without much editing”.

Roebuck enjoying spring on 29th May 2021 in Switzerland. (@levifitze/Newsflash)

He said he’d been observing nature since he was 10 years old, and had developed a big passion for wildlife that gradually turned into photography.

He added: “Its not easy because you can’t plan anything. Its all about passion and patience. Sometimes I get not one good shot during months and then again three perfect images during one evening. That’s what wildlife photography makes so interesting.”

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