Suffering Hiker In Need Of Medics Initiates Helicopter Rescue At State Park

Mount Diablo State Park, California, 2 July

San Ramon Valley (SRV) Firefighters were dispatched to Mount Diablo State Park located in the Contra Costa County of the eastern San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California to rescue a hiker who had found himself caught up in an urgent medical emergency situation on 2nd July. The patient was discovered on a hiking route that was not accessible by car after which a CHP Helicopter H30 was deployed to help reach the inaccessible spot where the hiker was located.

The SRV firemen and CHP Helicopter H30 worked together to rapidly transport the patient to an ambulance vehicle. The patient was sent to a nearby hospital for additional treatment. CONAir 2 which was formerly known as Conair Aviation and is a company specializing in retrofitting firefighting aircraft, maintaining customer and company-owned aircraft and aerial firefighting was also included in the patient’s transfer to the hospital.

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