Two Helicopter Rescue Missions In A Weekend Day

Marin County, California, 4th July

This is the moment the Marin County Fire Department sought H1’s assistance can be seen rescuing two people who were suffering a serious medical issue during two different alarms on the same day. The first call about an injured person was reported at Alpine Lake on the Cataract Trail in Marin County, California on 4th July. The patient was discovered by CHP – Golden Gate Division Air Operations chopper H30, which arrived before H1. Due to the height of the surrounding trees, H1 was asked to execute a 61 meters (200-foot) long line rescue of the patient. The patient was long-lined from the path to a nearby landing zone (LZ) where H30 had set up for a medical transfer and then the saved person was transported to a neighbouring hospital by the H30 crew. 

Later that evening, the H1 rescue crew was sent on a second rescue mission to Annadel State Park in response to a medical emergency on the park’s Schultz route. H1 arrived on the scene and quickly identified the patient. H1 hover dropped down their paramedic, who was able to trek to the patient’s position. H1’s Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) was then long-lined to the patient’s position, and the patient was transported to an awaiting ambulance stationed outside the park via a 30 meters(100-foot) long line.

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