Terrifying Footage Of Huge Wasp Nest Woman Returned Home To Find On Bedroom Ceiling

This terrifying footage shows a gigantic nest crawling with wasps on a woman’s bedroom ceiling after returning from long hospital visit.

The unnamed resident of the property in the rural settlement of Brueiro in the municipality of Niquelandia in the west-central Brazilian state of Goias got the fright of her life when she came across the giant wasp nest after returning home following a period of time spent away for medical treatment.

After coming across the nest, which took up almost half the ceiling, she called the fire brigade.

Giant wasp nest inside house in Niquelandia, Goias in Brazil. (@bombeirosniquelandia/Newsflash)

Firemen went to the property on Friday, 4th February, and successfully dealt with the wasp nest, with no injuries reported.

The fire brigade report stated: “The team went to the location at around 6pm, located the wasps’ nest and carried out their extermination due to the swarm’s aggressiveness.”

The extermination was carried out after nightfall, as wasps sleep at night and are typically less aggressive than during daylight hours.

Giant wasp nest inside house in Niquelandia, Goias in Brazil. (@bombeirosniquelandia/Newsflash)

Biologist Edson Abram told the news portal G1: “Wasps and bees are the insects that kill the most in the world. It is a very dangerous swarm, which only attacks when it feels threatened. The insect bites the person and releases a substance, which causes a burning sensation in the area.”

A wasp’s sting can sometimes cause anaphylactic shock. The poison itself does not kill, but causes severe pain and redness in the area.

Anaphylactic shock is the most serious form of allergic reaction. Prompt assessment and treatment are critical in order to prevent death.

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