Tina Turner Sues Doppelganger For Misleading Fans With Poster Likeness

Tina Turner is taking a lookalike tribute act to court in Germany because her likeness is so similar in posters that it could be misleading the music legend’s fans.

Dorothea ‘Coco’ Fletcher performs in the tribute show ‘Simply the Best – The Tina Turner Story’, now at the centre of the appeal case taking place at the Federal Court of Justice in the German city of Karlsruhe.

Tour organiser Oliver Forster of Cofo Entertainment from the German city of Passau argued that the show has been performed over 100 times across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and no one has ever complained that they did not get to see the real Tina Turner.

The poster for the “Simply The Best – The Tina Turner Story” show, that Tina Turner is suing for suing her name and likens, in Cologne, Germany. (Note: Private photo. (Newsflash) )

In 2020, the Cologne Regional Court in the city of Cologne ruled in favour of Fletcher, however Turner, 81, appealed the decision and still believes Fletcher is using her likeness and potentially misleading fans on the show’s posters.

Following a hearing at the Federal Court of Justice on Thursday, the signs suggest that the original decision will be upheld.

According to the news site Bild, judge Thomas Koch said that, following an initial assessment, the senate tends to “consider this judgement to be correct”.

Dorothea ‘Coco’ Fletcher and Oliver Forster, with the poster. (Note: Private photo. (Newsflash) )

However, an official decision is not expected until 24th February 2022.

Turner’s lawyer Kerstin Schmitt argued: “She would like to decide for herself if her name and portrait are used for advertising purposes”, adding “Ms. Turner herself has nothing to do with this show”.

The Federal Court must now decide whether the public is being deceived by the posters.

Tina Turner, (right) Dorothea ‘Coco’ Fletcher, (left) performing as Tina Turner, (Note: Private photo. (Newsflash) )

Turner officially withdrew from the music business over 10 years ago and has not announced a comeback since.

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