US Army Strike Eagles Carry Out Stunning Flight Over Beautiful Greek Islands During Poseidons Rage Exercise

This is the moment US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles participate in a military exercise over several Greek islands flying over the picturesque coastline at immense speeds as they practice various combat manoeuvres.

The F-15E Strike Eagles seen in the footage are long-range multipurpose fighters with a maximum speed of 2,656 kph (1,650 mph,) and the capacity to fire a huge variety of missiles. They can be seen flying over the Greek coast on Monday (31st May).

The military exercise codenamed ‘Poseidon’s Rage’ is a multinational exercise between the Greek and US airforces which aims to develop US- Hellenic air readiness.

The Hellenic National Defence General Staff said: “Low altitude training, ground and surface target attacks drop off of real/training weapons and aerial combat.”

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