US Cops Drag Unconscious Woman, 18, Out Of Blazing Car After Crash

This is the moment US cops drag an 18-year-old unconscious woman out of a burning vehicle after a crash.

The incident took place on Henry Street in the city of Savannah in the US state of Georgia at around 11.45pm on 26th April.

The police said seven officers acted quickly to drag the 18-year-old woman out of the burning vehicle following a “single-vehicle crash”.

(Savannah Police Department/Newsflash

The police arrived on the scene and found flames coming from under the bonnet of the 1998 Lincoln Town Car.

The Savannah Police said the driver had left the vehicle, but an unresponsive woman in the front seat was locked or jammed inside as a result of the crash.

The cops managed to pull the woman over the passenger seat and out of the back door.

Savannah Police Department/Newsflash

Savannah Fire firefighters arrived soon after and extinguished the blazing car.

Police spokesperson Roy Minter said: “I am so proud of these officers for their actions when responding to the scene.

“They literally ran toward the flames and worked quickly as a team to not only remove the passenger from the car, but get her to a safe location.

Savannah Police Department/Newsflash

“Had they not acted as they did, the passenger in the car could have suffered more serious injuries or even lost her life.”

The woman and the driver were taken to hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

According to a preliminary investigation, the driver, named as 18-year-old Jaydon Brown, swerved into the opposite lane and hit a streetlight and tree before crashing into another tree head-on.

Savannah Police Department/Newsflash

The impact resulted in the car spinning and ending up in the middle of the road where it burst into flames.

The seven officers have been named as Jacob Davey, Timothy Valmont, Janson Neff, Molly Moran, Sidney Delince, Jason Zimmerman, and Anthony Traniello.

The crash remains under investigation.

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