Vegetarian Eats McDonalds Burger Only To Find Out It Was A McChicken On The Last Bite

A vegetarian who enjoyed her supposedly delicious vegetarian burger was disgusted to discover she had been eating a McChicken burger when she got a piece of cartilage at her last bite and was violently sick.

It took a whole burger for a woman who ordered a McVeggie at McDonalds in Switzerland to notice she was actually eating a chickenburger because the boyfriend had insisted that it was vegetarian, until she took the last bite struck something hard.

The 24-year-old woman who was not named by local media and comes from the Swiss municipality of Grenchen in the canton of Solothurn went to McDonald’s on Sunday evening with her boyfriend.


She admitted that the burger had “tasted strange from the first bite” but had allowed her boyfriend to reassure her it was vegetarian and they had therefore continued the meal.

However during her last bite she bit on something hard and realised the burger was not vegetarian after all, after noticing “a small piece of cartilage or bone” which immediately made her vomit.

According to the woman it is the second time McDonald’s has given her a meat product despite ordering a vegetarian meal.

The couple complained to the staff and asked for a refund, however, the manager only gave them a Small Menu voucher in order to “get rid” of them.


The woman said: “I’ve been a vegetarian for six years and maintaining a meat-free diet is very important to me. The incident will probably stay at the back of my mind for a long time.”

Danielle Cotten from the Swiss Vegan Society expressed her support and claimed she is aware of the problem by saying: “It’s very unfortunate when something like this happens.”

She claimed that the safest way to get a meat-free dish is to go to vegan or vegetarian restaurants although “things have improved in recent years.”

McDonald’s later apologised for the incident through spokesperson Deborah Murith who said: “Mistakes like this should not happen and it must have been very unappetising meal for a person who does not eat chicken. We apologise to our guest for having this unpleasant experience.”

She explained that the preparation process for plant-based and meat burgers is different and said: “The breading of the veggie burger contains chopped parsley which the chicken burger does not have. It is easily recognised.”

“We will raise the issue with the team again.”

It was unclear whether the 24-year-old woman is planning legal action.

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