Peruvian Man, 121, Given Vaccine After Medics Walk Three Hours Across Rough Terrain To Reach Him

This 121-year-old man living in a remote region in Peru has received his first dose of the vaccine after medics walked over three hours over rough terrain to reach him.

Marcelino Abad Tolentino, 121, was vaccinated against COVID-19 in his home in the district of Chaglla in the Peruvian region of Huanuco.

An official report from 30th April said the vaccine was administered by a team from the Health Ministry of Peru who personally went to the town.

Ministerio Salud Peru/Newsflash

They walked for three hours across difficult terrain to get to Marcelino’s home where they gave him his first dose.

It is unclear which vaccine he received but the newspaper Milenio said Peru has increased the number of vaccines distributed outside of the capital Lima after receiving some shipments of Astra Zeneca. (

The official report added the moment makes Marcelino, who was born in 1900, the oldest person to be vaccinated in the Huanuco region where around 5,000 people have received a dose.

Ministerio Salud Peru/Newsflash

Local media said the Peruvian government has continued to double down its efforts to vaccinate the population after it received 800,000 doses of Pfizer in April.

The government hopes to vaccinate around 400,000 people aged over 70 before going to vaccinate people aged 60 or over.

According to the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins University Peru has reported 1,814,127 cases and 62,375 deaths from COVID-19.

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