Viral Moment Dog Gives Himself Away With Guilty Reaction To Ripped Up Toys

This is the viral moment Rocky the Rottweiler gives himself away with his guilty reaction after his owner asks which dog ripped up the soft toy.

The cute scene was shared by ‘Rocky & Me’ on TikTok, where it has gone viral with 14 million views.

The footage was accompanied with the message: “Who did this? Answers on a postcard please.”

The two dogs, Rocky and Borcher from Oxford, England. (@always.a.woman/Newsflash)

Dog owner Charlie Holt, 50, who lives near the English city of Oxford, told Newsflash: “Rocky is my two-year-old Rottweiler, he’s my fourth Rottie and I’ve had him since he was eight weeks old. He’s an incredible dog.

“Bodger is a Bull-Pei, his dad was a Shar Pei and his mum was an English bulldog. He wasn’t planned, but when I went to see him at nine weeks old, he was being kept in a car boot, so I had to bring him home. He’s just gone 11 months.

“We are always together, the local pubs, butchers, even the gym lets them, they’re well-known around town.

The two dogs, Rocky and Borcher from Oxford, England. (@always.a.woman/Newsflash)

“They are not at all hard to take care of, aside from how much they eat and how heavy they are when they sit on your lap.

“The video was just Rocky destroying his toy, he loves to pull out fluff.”

Charlie told Newsflash: “People argue dogs don’t feel guilty, but they know if they’ve done wrong. I don’t punish my dogs, they hate if someone is mad with them and they know they’ve done wrong. They get sent to timeout usually outside, but as you see from the video, they will do it themselves if they’ve been naughty.

The two dogs, Rocky and Borcher from Oxford, England. (@always.a.woman/Newsflash)

“They have the closest relationship of anything or anyone I have ever seen, true soulmates from day one. If you watch any of my TikToks you’ll see that’s what they are loved for.”

Charlie added: “I cook fresh food for them, liver, beef, lots of oily fish for their coats. Rocky is fearless until it comes to vacuum cleaners and brooms, Bodger doesn’t do bad weather!

“I was a casino manager for years but have left that now, thanks to COVID and I’m opening a little doggie daycare at my house from April.”

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