Building Collapses Due To An Explosion From A Gas Leak

A toddler was found dead and four other people were injured after a building collapsed from an explosion of a gas leak in the outskirts of the Italian city of Turin.

The accident happened in Strada del Bramafame in the Madonna di Campagna district in Turin, a city located in northern Italy, on the 24th of August, early in the morning.

According to initial reports, the two-story structure with six apartments where mostly Albanian and Romanian families live collapsed after an explosion due to a gas leak caused by a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) gas cylinder.

Although the building did not collapse completely and a part of it is still standing, one victim and four other injuries were reported.

When the firefighters arrived on the scene they found the lifeless body of a four-year-old boy, named Aron. The mother of the boy, a 34-year-old woman found was found alive, lying underneath a pile of construction material, after she managed to call for help.

A man who was working down the street was the first one to assist after the explosion happened. The man, identified as Naif, injured his leg as he was helping out to shocked and scared citizens.

Two other people were injured as well and taken to a local hospital.

Although the cause of the accident has been established, an ongoing investigation should reveal more about the collapse of the structure.

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