Carjacker Caught Red-Handed By Police Air Unit And Swiftly Arrested By Cops On Ground

This is the moment a carjacker is caught red-handed by a police air unit and is swiftly arrested by cops on the ground.

The arrest was the result of a collaborative effort from the Atlanta Police Department’s (APD) Phoenix Air Unit, Zone 4 officers and Auto Crimes Enforcement (ACE) Unit.

The incident took place in the southwest of the city of Atlanta in the US state of Georgia at around 9.16 pm on 9th November.

Police officers arrest a suspect in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (@Atlanta_Police/Clipzilla)

The APD had received intelligence that a stolen Hyundai Elantra whose theft had been reported in the city of Decatur, a roughly 24-minute drive away, was in the area.

The ACE requested Phoenix’s assistance, and the air unit was able to swiftly find the stolen compact car at a petrol station.

Phoenix officials then tracked the car as it was driven to Myrtle Dr., where it was parked outside a building.

The officials gave the information to the police officers, who went to the location of the stolen car’s driver.

Police officers arrest a suspect in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (@Atlanta_Police/Clipzilla)

Upon seeing the officers, the man tried to run away. However, the cops ran after him and saw him dropping a handgun during the chase.

The officers swiftly managed to catch up with him and arrest him, and they also seized the firearm he had discarded.

Infra-red footage shows how the suspect seemingly trips and falls on the ground, allowing one police officer to pounce on him and cuff his hands behind his back as another colleague comes to his aid.

The two officers are then seen picking him up and leading him into a police vehicle while the narrating air unit official is heard saying: “They got him successfully in custody”.

Police officers arrest a suspect in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (@Atlanta_Police/Clipzilla)

The APD posted the footage to its social media channels, where it received thousands of views and congratulatory comments.

The man was identified as A’torrius Slaughter, born in 2002, and two pending arrest warrants were found to have been issued against him.

He was subsequently charged with the corresponding crimes, which were not specified, and taken to Fulton County Jail.

In its statement announcing the arrest, the APD revealed that 2,657 cars have been stolen since the start of the year, with 1,729 firearms stolen from vehicles during the same period.

Police officers arrest a suspect in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (@Atlanta_Police/Clipzilla)

It noted that of the stolen vehicles, 1,741 had either been left running or had the keys still inside, and so advised the local population to be mindful when leaving their vehicles.

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