Colombian Navy Seizes Narco Sub And Speedboat With Almost 2 Tonnes Of Drugs

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  • Post published:02/05/2021
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This is the moment members of the Colombian Navy intercept and seize a narco submarine carrying almost one tonne of cocaine the same day they intercepted a speedboat with a tonne of cannabis.

The operation was carried out by members of the ‘Task Force Against Drug Trafficking No. 72 “Poseidon”’ from the Colombian Navy, according to an official statement that was released on the same day of the operation (29th April).

The statement said it culminated with the seizure of a semi-submergible narco submarine and a ‘go-fast’ boat which was intercepted during a parallel mission.

Armada Colombia/Newsflash

In total, 2,006 kilogrammes (4,422 lbs) of illegal drugs were seized in both operations.

The video shows three suspects standing on top of a narco sub as members of the Coast Guard, which is a part of the Navy, instruct them to keep their hands up as they carefully approach them.

The footage goes on to show the authorities seizing the contents of the semi-submersible before nearly the entire submarine is seen lifted out of the water by the Navy’s massive ship.

Armada Colombia/Newsflash

The statement said the suspects, who all worked as fishermen, tried to submerge their submarine when they realised they had been spotted but the Coast Guardsmen were able to act quickly enough and arrest them.

A total of 52 packages containing 920 kilogrammes (2,028 lbs) of cocaine were found in the vessel.

A parallel mission occurring 25 nautical miles from the Colombian island of Gorgona, members of the Coast Guard intercepted a ‘go-fast’ boat which had a further 39 sacks with 1,086 kilogrammes (2,394 lbs) of cannabis.

Armada Colombia/Newsflash

Two people of Nicaraguan origin were arrested during the seizure of the boat.

The authorities believe both vessels were headed to Central America but it is unclear who was responsible.


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