Copy Bodycam Footage Shows Moment Car Thief Rams Police Car In Northamptonshire

This cop cam footage shows the moment a car thief rams a police car in Northamptonshire while the cop shouts at him to stop what he is doing as he was endangering her and her K-9 dog.

The footage was shared online by Northamptonshire police who said that the criminal, Alexander James Lundy, 45, has now been jailed for three years after he was arrested, with the arrest also seen in a second piece of dramatic footage.

The incident took place in Cold Ashby, in Northamptonshire in the UK on 26th February 2021, when Lundy stole an Audi.

Tracked down by police, he then rammed the police car as it was blocking the drive, using a different car.

He escaped, but was later tracked down again and arrested.

Northamptonshire police issued a statement saying: “On February 26, 2021, Alexander James Lundy, stole an Audi from a driveway in Cold Ashby, running over the rightful owner’s foot in the process.

“Police officers were deployed to the incident and the Audi was found abandoned a short time later. However, as one police officer was making enquiries in the local area as to whether anyone had seen the suspect, Lundy drove at him in another car.

“Lundy was tracked to Rothwell, where he was blocked into a driveway by quick-thinking PC Lucy Sculthorpe, one of the Force’s dog handlers.

“She told him to stay where he was and got one of her two dogs, PD Bryn, out of her car. However Lundy proceeded to ram her vehicle, nearly squashing her and Bryn against a stone wall in the process.”

The statement also said: “The ramming attack caused £3,700 damage to the police car and left it so battered it couldn’t be driven.

“Earlier this year, Lundy admitted a string of offences in connection with the incident and jailed for a total of three years at Northampton Crown Court.”

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