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Dad Paints Fun Scenes On Driveway Slabs To Stir Kids In The Morning

A Chinese dad has painted fun paving slabs on his driveway to excite his tired children in the morning before they go off to nursery school.

Mr Lin, from the city of Yantai in the Chinese province of Shandong, shares videos of his painted tiles on the social network Douyin where he also wows netizens with their realism – along with his two young children.

The tots are so spellbound by the illustrative paving slabs on the driveway that they try to pick up the sweets and fun characters painted on them, according to their proud dad.

Dad draws three dimensional items on bricks for his children in Yantai, China. (5666888vip/AsiaWire)

Mr Lin said he was inspired to create the artworks after he recently found his children slow and sluggish in the morning before heading to nursery school, so he wanted to do something to engage them and kick-start their day.

That is when he came up with the idea of painting three-dimensional sweets and characters on the slabs to stir his kids’ imagination when they make their way to kindergarten.

In the first video, Mr Lin is seen painting an ice lolly on the top of one slab before placing it in position on the driveway.

Dad draws three dimensional items on bricks for his children in Yantai, China. (5666888vip/AsiaWire)

The second clip shows the dad painting two smiling crabs sharing a lolly, and later his son marvelling at the eye-catching new addition to the driveway.

In the third video, Mr Lin’s two children are seen trying to grab the colourful lollies he painted on another slab before showing how he prepared it and placed it into position.

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