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Driver Continues On Way After Crashed Truck Spins On Side And Flips Back On 4 Wheels

This is the moment a motorist coolly drives away after his pickup truck skidded off road, span on its side, and eventually righted itself on all four wheels and still facing in the right direction.

The incredible incident was filmed by a CCTV camera in the city of Enshi in the Chinese province of Hubei and was shared on the social network Douyin by a curious shop owner who wondered why there was debris on the road outside.

After checking the CCTV footage, the shop owner was startled to see what took place outside the store earlier on.


In the video, a pickup truck is seen skidding off the road, flipping onto its side, skidding along the ground, and then flipping back on its four wheels.

Still somehow facing in the right direction, the driver coolly drives on like nothing had happened.

One Douyin user commented: “I have to admire his technique.”


Enshi City is located beside Qing River and is surrounded by forest-covered mountains while boasting many restaurants, hotels, and spas.

The local cuisine is spicy and includes a number of ‘hot pot’ type dishes. Chorizo-style sausage, smoked pork, lamb skewers, and spicy fried potatoes are also commonly found.

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