Spate Of Influencers Causing Problems On Russian Roads For Followers

A Russian influencer who put up goalposts and had a football match in the middle of a busy road in the centre of a Russian city has denied putting lives at risk.

Teenager Timur Ivanov, who is from Yekaterinburg and appears from his social media accounts to have just celebrated his 18th birthday, said he was a keen football player and simply wanted to share his enthusiasm for the sport without doing anybody any harm.

In an interview with Newsflash, he described the stunt as something positive and not dangerous, and added that he hoped to become one of the country’s top bloggers with his videos like this one.

Sergey Kosenko, the blogger who tied his girlfriend to the roof of the Bentley and drove around Moscow. (@sergey_kosenko/Newsflash)

Despite the fact that cars are driving past and narrowly miss hitting the ball several times, he insisted it was all just a bit of fun.

He said: “We just wanted to play football and shoot a positive video in the process, everyone reacted positively, we have big plans, we are developing more ideas and already moving on. I want to become the top blogger in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).”

The stunt comes after motoring influencer Said Gubdensky died while driving a high-powered BMW in Moscow, with it later revealed that the car belonged to his 23-year-old Instagrammer girlfriend Maria Shirshova.

Sergey Kosenko, the blogger who tied his girlfriend to the roof of the Bentley and drove around Moscow. (@sergey_kosenko/Newsflash)

In the accident, he swerved onto the other side of the road and collided with another car, and his passenger, who was hospitalised, also later died.

There have also been other stunts involving bloggers, such as Russian influencer Danil Myasnikov, who was filmed travelling at speeds up to 112 miles per hour while taped to the outside of a yellow Chevrolet Camaro.

That incident was filmed in the city of Sochi in Russia’s south-western Krasnodar Krai, and he later apologised after being quizzed by cops.

Blogger Sergey Kosenko, pictured with Ilona, his girlfriend who was tied to a roof of a Bentley car and was driven around Moscow, Russia. (@sergey_kosenko/Newsflash)

And another millionaire blogger Sergey Kosenko was filmed cruising the streets in a green Bentley while his girlfriend was tied and gagged on the roof, and the couple were handcuffed together.

Sergey explained that the he and his girlfriend were taking part in several trust tests and that this was just one stage. He, too, was then investigated by cops over the stunt.

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