Footage Shows Heavy Floods In Brazil That Have Killed Five With Four More Missing

This footage shows some of the heavy flooding that has hit Brazil, where at least five people have lost their lives and four more have been reported missing.

The heavy rains affected the municipality of Petropolis in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro on 20th March.

The footage shows water flooding streets, and in the last piece of footage, some memorial crosses can be seen being carried away by the muddy water.

Sunday’s rains in Morro da Oficina, Brazil. (Marianny Mesquita/Clipzilla)

The crosses were set up in the city centre as a memorial for the 233 victims who lost their lives and for the people who are still missing in the deadly landslides and floods, which occurred barely a month ago, in February.

The authorities have now issued a severe weather warning and so far, five people are reported to have died and four people are missing, while more than 500 people have been evacuated to 20 emergency shelters.

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