Terrifying Moment Russia Strikes Shopping Centre In Kyiv Killing At Least Eight People

This footage shows the moment Russia hits a shopping centre in Kyiv with a ballistic missile, killing at least eight people.

The footage was released by the Russian Ministry of Defence, which claimed, as its explanation as to why Russian forces had bombed a shopping centre, that Ukrainian forces were using the building to reload their own missiles.

The Retroville shopping centre blast took place on the night of 21st March, and the footage shows the moment a missile hits the building, causing a huge blaze.

High-precision long-range weapons destroyed a battery of Ukrainian multiple rocket launchers and a storage base for their ammunition in closed shopping centre on the night in Kyiv in Ukraine on the 21st March 2022. (

In the attack, at least eight people are reported to have died and the shopping centre was destroyed.

After the incident, the Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, declared the start of another 35-hour-long curfew, which is supposed to end at 7am on Wednesday, 23rd March.

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