GAUZE FOR CONCERN: Surgeons Left Sponge In New Mum For Two Months

A horrified new mum has had a piece of gauze removed from her body two months after it was left inside her by surgeons.

The material had caused bloating and a massive infection in the woman’s body that left her in agony.

But medics in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, eastern China, ignored her pain – reported local media – and claimed what she was going through was normal.

Woman finds gauze inside her 2 months after giving birth in Nanchang, China. (AsiaWire)

It was only when the new mum – named as Ms Chen – went to another hospital and insisted on a gynaecological examination that a piece of surgical gauze was found.

The gauze was removed on 24th June, 60 days after it was first left there.

The hospital where Ms Chen gave birth – in Chaoyang District – has admitted the blunder and is now under investigation.

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