Huge Explosion As Car And Petrol Tanker Collide With Bus


A car driver caused a huge blaze when they ignored a stop sign and were hit by a petrol tanker, with both vehicles smashing into an oncoming bus.

CCTV cameras captured the moment the white saloon car driver fails to slow down at the stop sign on the PR-423 motorway in the southern Brazilian municipality of Campo Largo on the evening of 13th April.

The footage shows how the car is then hit side-on by an oncoming tanker, pushing it down the motorway, with the impact of the collision sending both vehicles veering onto the wrong side of the road where they hit an oncoming coach.


The coach then explodes into flames while off-camera the tanker and car veered off the road and ended up in a shallow ditch.

The collision left the car driver dead with his body trapped in the wreckage, and it is unclear if there were any other passengers in the car at the time.

The fire brigade was called to the scene to tackle the blaze, with the coach driver having escaped safely from his burning vehicle that was not carrying any passengers at the time.


The tanker driver also escaped with minor injuries.

Photos show how the coach was completely charred and gutted by the blaze.

The firefighters remained at the scene, where, at the time of reporting, they were still trying to remove the body of the dead motorist from his vehicle.


No further information has been given about the status of the investigation or whether there were other people in the car.

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