Italian Police Seize 54 Archaeological Finds From The Home Of Two Spouses

Foggia, Italy

Two spouses who held 54 archeological pieces were reported for unlawful possession of cultural property belonging to the state when the Italian police found the historical pieces in their home. The archeological finds consisting of jars, jugs and small terracotta vases along with several different coins were found in the home of the felons in the Italian city of Foggia. According to the report made by the Italian police, the jars, jugs and small terracotta vases are thought to date back to the period between the sixth and the third century BC and hold a value of about EUR 15.000 (GBP 12,824). Among the 15 found coins the police also found a gold medal.

The collection was reviewed by the staff of the Superintendence of Fine Arts and Landscape Archeology for the provinces of Foggia and Barletta-Andria-Trani who with the help of an expert in numismatics managed to to frame the material in a precise chronological period and then estimate its economic value.

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