Moment Crane Truck Overturns And Crashes Into 11 Cars, Killing 4

This is the shocking moment a crane lorry with failed brakes overturns and crosses onto the other side of the road, crashing into 11 cars.

The incident took place in the district of Defne in the south-eastern Turkish province of Hatay on the evening of 24th April.

The lorry driver lost control when the brakes failed and went on to crash into 11 vehicles including two on the move.


In the accident, taxi driver Zulfikar Gocmen, 38, and his passenger Eda Demirel, 24, who were hit by crane truck driver Mehmet Sultanoglu, age not disclosed, and Ozcan Unal, 38, all lost their lives.

Four people inside the other car which the crane hit, Fuat Kababiyik, 61, his wife Sevim, 61, their daughters Nilay, 34, and Sinan Cimbiz, 21, were injured and taken to Hatay State Hospital after first aid at the accident site.

While the bodies of the four victims were taken to the morgue for autopsy, the injured were discharged the same evening after receiving treatment.


In the footage, the crane truck overturns rapidly and drifts to the opposite lane, crashing into cars on the way.

The bodies of Mehmet, Zulfikar, and Ozcan was handed over to their families and buried in their hometowns.

A ceremony was held for Eda, who died in the taxi, at Bostanci Cemetery. Her family and friends attended the ceremony.


A bridal veil was placed on her coffin because she was single and never had the chance to wear one.

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