Paratroopers Collide In Mid Air And Plummet 115 Feet, Killing One

This is the shocking moment two paratroopers collide while about to land during a civilian event, killing one and seriously injuring the other.

The fire brigade said the two soldiers fell from a height of around 35 metres (115 feet) and were taken to hospital in the city of Resende in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro on the afternoon of 13th November.

In the footage, the two paratroopers are seen coming in to land as the highest of the two appears to lose control and descends straight into his unsuspecting colleague’s parachute.

A parachute accident in Resende, Brazil, on 13th November. (Newsflash)

The two parachutes entangle in the air, causing both men to suddenly plummet to the ground.

One paratrooper, named as 35-year-old Erick Nascimento de Souza, died of his injuries on the same day while his colleague Major Francisco Damiao Vieira Neto remains hospitalised after undergoing surgery.

The deceased victim, who hailed from the city of Belem in the state of Para, leaves behind a wife and young son.

A parachute accident in Resende, Brazil, on 13th November. (Newsflash)

The Parachutist Support and Maintenance Battalion, of which De Souza was the acting captain, said: “The activity that they were taking part in was of a civil nature and was coordinated by the Resende Parachuting Club.”

The battalion also expressed its condolences to the victim’s family.

It is unclear if the authorities are investigating the accident.

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