Pregnant Woman Fears Miscarriage After Being Beaten By Ex-Boyfriend

A pregnant woman has claimed that her well-connected ex-boyfriend beat her and caused numerous bruises and scars over her body which she fears could result in a miscarriage.

The victim and her family believe the suspect has not been detained yet because he comes from a family with leverage in the legal world.

Kenya Mirelle Castillo Cruz, 27, was allegedly beaten by her ex-boyfriend Dante Moreno in the Mexican city of Puebla at approximately 4.30am last Saturday (8th May).


Dante is the brother of Juana Moreno Morales, a political candidate from the centre-left wing Progressive Social Networks (RSP) party who is running for the deputy position in the state of Tlaxcala.

In the video, which has been seen 182,218 times in one day, Kenya explains that Dante spent the night drinking in her house with some friends into the early hours of the morning.

She says that at around 4.30am, Dante came into her room and woke her up.


She added: “He then started screaming and accusing me of beating his son. His son is from a different woman and I tried to tell him that I have never touched his son, but he wouldn’t listen.”

Kenya says he then told her: “You don’t know what sort of power I have. I can make terrible things happen to you and your family.”

According to Kenya, at this point Dante smashed her phone and started punching and kicking her.


She eventually broke free and locked herself in the bathroom where she waited for her ex-boyfriend to leave.

She then reported the incident to the local authorities who told her to go home while they deal with the situation.

She was too scared to stay in her own home so she went back to collect her belongings before heading to stay with relatives.


However, while collecting her belongings she claims that the suspect’s relatives came to her house and told her to keep quiet about what happened or they would hurt her and her family.

Kenya’s uncle Luis Romano, a Mexican actor, also took to Instagram to encourage his 26,300 followers to put pressure on politicians to do more to protect women like his niece.

Luis says in the video: “This is my pregnant niece Kenya who was beaten so badly by her ex-boyfriend Dante that she is now in danger of suffering a miscarriage.”


He adds: “We have filed a complaint with the authorities but Dante’s family are legally very well connected and our complaints appear to have fallen on death ears.”

Dante’s sister Juana Moreno Morales said in a statement: “She condemns any form of violence and she is calling for the authorities to investigate the incident and find out if a crime was committed.”

The police have yet to make a statement regarding the incident.

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