Pregnant Woman Gets Stuck In Burglar Bars While Fleeing Scene Of Robbery

This is the bizarre moment emergency services free a crying pregnant woman trapped after trying to squeeze through the burglar bars to escape from a sports club she had just robbed.

The woman was trying to fit through the metal bars of a window while she was fleeing together with two male accomplices after robbing the place, and when they realised she was not going to fit through the bars, they left her there despite her cries for help after hearing a security guard approach.

That was where police found the five-month pregnant woman, who was not named, stuck in the window after the alarm was raised by the local security guard in the city of Santa Fe in North-eastern Argentina last Sunday (18th April).


Local media outlet El Litoral reports that the security guard who found the woman and called emergency services witnessed the distressed woman’s accomplices fleeing the scene of the crime leaving her crying for help.

In the video footage, the woman can be heard in tears saying: “I don’t want to lose my baby” as members of the local fire department attempt to free her from the fence.

The rescue operation was relatively quick, lasting only two minutes, and finally came to an end after an automatic saw was used to cut through the thick metal bars that were keeping the distressed woman locked in place.


After being freed, the woman was transferred to the nearby Cullen hospital where doctors examined her and her unborn baby, confirming that neither of them had suffered any injuries.

Local TV Channel Chronicle reported that Maria Laura Marti, the prosecutor in charge of the case, ordered the woman to be kept in hospital for now under police surveillance while the investigation into the suspected robbery begins.

Patricia Frausin, the owner of the club that was robbed, told El Litoral: “They stole two computers from the office. A scanner, a keyboard and several computer mice. They also took two netbooks that were kept in a cupboard.”


She added: “We have had to board up the window where the woman was stuck as the metal grates were removed during the rescue operation.”

Local media reports that the woman is facing charges of robbery and the police are searching for her two suspected accomplices.

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