Rangers Drag Dolphin On Boat To Cut Fishing Net From Tail Before Releasing It Back Into Sea

This is the moment park rangers drag a dolphin onto their boat after following it for two months and they managed to cut off the remains of a fishing net from its tail before releasing it back into the sea.

The release took place at the Manglares El Morro Wildlife Refuge in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas just north of the Gulf of Guayaquil.

The rescue was carried out by representatives of the Manglares El Morro Wildlife Refuge and the National Recreation Area Playas Villamil.


Minister of the Environment and Water, Marcelo Mata, shared the footage on social media.

In the video, rangers are seen struggling to catch the dolphin before managing to lift its bulky frame onto their small boat.

Apparently content to let the experts help it, the dolphin calmly looks at the camera with a ‘smile’ on its face as the crew cuts the remains of the fishing net off its tail.


One rescuer says: “You are going to be released, take it easy, you’ll leave soon.”

The group then pushes the dolphin overboard and back into the water with a cheer.

Later, they show the remains of the fishing net they managed to remove from the dolphin.


One of the rangers, name not disclosed, said the dolphin was male and around two years old.

The ranger added that they had been following the dolphin for two months before managing to free it from the net.

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