Moment Two-Year-Old Almost Drowns After Jumping Into Ice-Cold River Following Drunken Mother

This is the shocking moment a two-year-old jumps into an icy river following his drunken mother and her friend who then laugh as he disappears briefly underwater before floating back to the surface in his winter clothing.

The unidentified two-year-old boy was with his drunken mother and friends when she jumped into the water and the little boy fully clothed in a winter jacket and hat then runs and jumps in after her.

He then briefly disappeared underwater in the ice-cold water of the Severny Donets River in the city of Belgorod in the Russian federal subject of Belgorod Oblast before bobbing back to the surface.


The shocking incident that left the boy in tears after another adult jumped in to rescue him were recorded on camera by a person also at the drunken party where it was shared on the page ‘Belgorod’ on VKontakte, a Russian social media website, on 25th April.

In the footage, it is seen that first, an unidentified man in his underwear, then the woman wearing a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms who is believed to be the mother, jumped into the river.

Immediately afterwards, the little boy jumped into the river before being pulled out by the adult woman that jumped in with all her clothes on, accompanied by the laughter and cheers of adults in the water.


After the video was published on social networks, the boy’s mother was brought to administrative responsibility under the Code of Administrative Offenses on ‘non-fulfillment or improper performance of parental duties’.

As news website Life reported, it turned out that the woman was already registered with the police as a problem parent and a person who ‘has a negative impact on her children’.

Reportedly, the grandmother was raising the boy, and the father was serving a sentence in prison for an undisclosed crime.


Life reported that the Interior Ministry made a statement about the incident and stated that the possibility of taking the minor from his family would be decided later.

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