Reckless Driving Results In Impounds

Oakland, California

CHP Airplane Air-31 was flying above Oakland, California when the Oakland Police Department broadcasted a call of a big crowd forming around 90th and Holly Streets on 29th July.

Several groups left the area in their automobiles as A-31 flew overhead, driving quite recklessly.

Diverse unbelted passengers were spotted hanging out of the sunroof and windows of one car. Moreover, the automobiles were swerving all over the road, driving on the wrong side of the road, failing to stop at posted stop signs and traffic signals, blocking junctions, and almost colliding with numerous other vehicles.

As numerous more vehicles joined in on the dangerous driving, Air-31 alerted the Oakland Police Department.

The Oakland Police Department’s (ARGUS) aircraft arrived at the scene and gave updated positions and traffic infractions to ground units.

All of the automobiles finally came to a halt at a parking lot on the junction of Foothill Boulevard and MacArthur Boulevard, when multiple Oakland Police officers engaged the parties and eventually impounded the vehicles.

This investigation will be handled by the Oakland Police Department.

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