Russian Kids To Have Their Homework Marked by Robots In Paperless Classrooms

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  • Post published:20/07/2021
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Russia hopes to have half of the homework of schoolchildren marked by artificial intelligence teaching assistants by the end of the decade.

The ambitious 2030 target for 50 per cent of all homework was unveiled by the Russian Ministry of education this week as part of its Strategy For Digital Transformation Of Education.

In a policy document outlining the strategy, the ministry said: “The digital teacher assistant service with the involvement of expert artificial intelligence systems automates homework checking and work program planning, simplifies and helps to form an effective system for identifying, developing and supporting talents in children, and improves the quality of advanced training by teachers.”

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. (Newsflash)

They said that the move will allow teachers to focus on advanced training and also identify and educate more talented children more efficiently.

It will also be used to create a digital portfolio for the students that will open up doors to further education institutions and eventually work based on their performance.

Also included in the new policy document was the ambitious aim by the end of 2024 to move to paperless technology for all educational activities.


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