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Two Young Woman Who Looked Alike On Social Media But Had Never Met Are Confirmed As Identical Twins

Two young women who found each other on social media have been confirmed as twins after undergoing a DNA test.

Cheng Keke and Zhang Li from the city of Zhengzhou in the Chinese province of Henan were confirmed as twins on 29th April.

Keke said before the confirmation that inside they already knew that they were twins, and felt such a bond but doing the test would make no difference, saying: “No matter what the result is, we will always be sisters. This will not change.”

Zhang Li/AsiaWire

The estranged twins found each other when Keke’s younger sibling noticed a woman who looked exactly like her on the Chinese social network Douyin on 9th January this year.

The pair messaged each other and remained in contact with Keke saying that she felt an incredible connection with her doppelganger.

Keke said she continually asked her parents about the matter until her mother admitted that she was adopted.

Zhang Li/AsiaWire

The pair whose ages were not given met in person on 19th and 22nd March after learning that they have the same blood type and similar hobbies, likes and dislikes.

Keke said: “We both have tiger teeth and we speak in exactly the same voice. When we are together, it is like looking in a mirror.”

On 27th March, Li’s mother admitted: “A middleman said they were twins, two girls, and wanted me to take them both back, however, my family’s economic situation was too difficult and we couldn’t afford it.”

Zhang Li/AsiaWire

She said she was not aware what happened to the second twin but added: “No need to do a DNA test, you can see they are twins.”

Nevertheless, her twin sister’s family were keen to do a test so it was carried out anyway, and the result confirmed that they were sisters.

After doctors confirmed that the young women are twins on 29th April, Li’s mother called it a “positive result for everyone”.

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