YOU’RE MAKING IT GO BACK IN! Toilet Users At Zoo Come Face-To-Face With Tiger

This video shows how Chinese zoo goers looking to relieve themselves find themselves face-to-face with a prowling tiger.

The unusual bathroom view was filmed by a visitor to Luanchuan Zhuhai Wildlife Park in Luoyang, Henan Province, central China, on Friday, 24th June.

The video shows how the man enters the squat-and-drop cubicle, which is seen backing straight out onto the tigers’ den.

Visitor stared by tigers at zoo toilet in Luoyang, China. (D0000000000000.1/AsiaWire)

The clip shows how the cubicle is separated from the den only by a glass window and some metal grilles.

It shows how zoo goers caught short may end up relieving themselves just inches away from a menacing tiger’s face.

A staff member at the wildlife park told local media the toilet was purposely designed that way and is safe, as the tigers in the den are only one to two years old.

Visitor stared by tigers at zoo toilet in Luoyang, China. (D0000000000000.1/AsiaWire)

But netizens also had their say, with one writing: “Even though there’s a glass window, you will probably get constipated when you go to the bathroom with a tiger staring at you.”

And another added: “If the tiger suddenly gets angry or wants to attack people, I wonder if a layer of glass is safe enough.”

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