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Mans Samsung Phone Explodes In Bag And Burns His Hair

This is the moment a man’s Samsung phone suddenly explodes in his bag and singes his T-shirt and hair while out for a stroll with his girlfriend.

The incident was filmed in the city of Zhengzhou in the Chinese province of Henan on 15th April.

According to the news site Baidu, the man, name and age not disclosed, was walking on the pavement with his partner when the phone in his bag suddenly exploded.


The man suffered skin burns and his hair and eyelashes were singed by the flames.

Baidu said the man had a Samsung G5700, prompting the phone company to state that someone will contact the user about the incident if they report it.

It is unclear if the man has reported the incident and if he was using a Samsung or third-party battery or power bank at the time.


In the footage, the man is seen walking along the pavement with his arm around his girlfriend as the fireball explodes from his bag.

He looks down and the flames suddenly spread onto his top half and he drops the burning bag to the ground.

Meanwhile, the man is seen brushing his hair as his partner pats down his arm.

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