Milk Bottles For A Rescued Elephant At HERD Elephant Orphanage

HERD Elephant Orphanage, South Africa

The elephant Khanyisa serves her milk bottles specially prepared for her to keep the diet and develop normally after being rescued last year.

the cute elephant serves its milk daily at 6am and 6pm at HERD Elephant Orphanage in South Africa.

Khanyisa is an orphaned albino elephant calf that had been found trapped in a snare with severe injuries, in January 2020. The wounds indicated that she had been desperately trying to free herself for a few days. She had severe lacerations around the back of her ears and neck that stretched around her mouth and cheeks. There was no sign of her herd anywhere.

She was first taken into the care of the team at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in Mpumalanga and later transferred to HERD Elephant Orphanage.

The elephant care organization said: ” Khanyisa patiently waits for Reply to give her her 6 am milk bottles after her trunk-hints fail to spark the desired effect. Reply has to note down some important info in our record book after he spots Khanyisa has dropped dung and urine.

“We keep track of as much info about her daily habits as possible so as to better monitor her health and wellness.”

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