Movie-Style Arrest Of Axe-Wielding Jewel Thieves Through Spanish Streets

This is the dramatic body camera footage captured by cops as they sprint through the streets of a southern Spanish city and eventually catch up with a gang of thieves who have been wanted for months in connection with a string of armed robberies.

Security cameras captured one of the robberies showing the suspects driving into a shopping centre on mopeds, pulling out a pistol and then robbing a jewellery store before fleeing the scene with bags stuffed full of jewellery.

The high-octane arrest of the four suspects was made by a police unit specialised in robberies in the Southeastern Spanish city of Murcia yesterday (4th May) following an investigation that began in March following several armed robberies linked to the gang.


In the footage obtained by Newsflash from the Spanish authorities, the cops can be seen speeding towards the location of the thieves before jumping out of the car and taking after the thieves on foot.

The footage shows the cops sprinting through streets and narrowly dodging oncoming cars.

The cops make their way through deep shrubbery and eventually find the four suspects lying low amid the vegetation.


All four suspects are cuffed, searched and then transferred to the police station.

The four suspects were arrested not only in connection with the heist but also due to their suspected involvement in the robbery of a casino on 11th March, a petrol station on 24th March and a supermarket on 29th March.

Two of the suspects have extensive criminal records both with one of them carrying 15 prior criminal charges and the second with 13.


Although only three suspects can be seen in the jewellery heist footage the police believe that all four were involved.

The suspects are in preliminary detention and face charges of armed robbery.

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