US Man Offered To Pay USD 2,000 To Undercover Cop To Subject Female Friend To Most Brutal Anal Rape Imaginable

A man has been arrested for offering to pay an undercover cop USD 2,000 to subject a female friend who he had a fallen out with to the most brutal anal rape imaginable.

Matthias Jacob Edward Mann, 22, was charged with attempted coercion and attempted kidnapping on Wednesday, 5th January, after being caught by a detective from the Owatonna Police Department in Minnesota who was posing undercover on the Kik messaging platform.

An FBI affidavit reportedly says that the police officer was monitoring a public group called “Abduction and R@pe 3.”

Matthias Jacob Edward Mann, 22, was charged under a complaint for attempted coercion and enticement, and attempted kidnapping in Morgan County, Alabama in December 2022. (Morgan County Jail/Newsflash)

The FBI said: “This is a group in which users describe various sexual fantasies, request the sexual assaults of others (with either a knowing or unknowing victim), and trade rape/sexual assault videos.”

Investigators said that a user called ‘Dylan H.’ posted a request on the platform on 29th December saying “Can anyone abduct and rape a bitch in Wisconsin?”

The undercover police officer messaged Dylan H. and offered to help. The authorities alleged that the suspect provided the police officer with the woman’s name, photographs of her, and an address in the city of Sun Prairie, in the US state of Wisconsin.

The police said: “Dylan H. described the victim as an ex-friend and requested that the victim ‘needs the most brutal anal rape imaginable.’”

Dylan H. allegedly told the detective on 30th December that he was not joking regarding his request, according to official documents.

The authorities said: “On the call, Dylan H. confirmed that his request to abduct and rape the victim was not a fantasy.

“Dylan H. stated that he knew VICTIM as a former friend/acquaintance. Dylan H. also said that he wanted a video of the abduction and sexual assault of VICTIM to confirm that the abduction and rape was carried out as requested.”

Dylan H. allegedly agreed to pay USD 100 (GBP 75) for petrol money to cover the cost of driving from the state of Minnesota to the state of Wisconsin, as well as USD 2,000 (GBP 1,475) once the kidnapping and rape had taken place.

After tracing his IP address and confirming his identity with the alleged intended victim, who has not been named and he said that she had only met Mann online, he was arrested.

It is currently unclear if he has been formally charged.

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